Top 25 Android Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals have to be well educated. There is a lot of health information out there, and healthcare professionals are responsible for making decisions that can help others live healthy. With mobile technology being used increasingly to help in various medical fields, it brings a new level of accuracy to diagnosis and patient care. The Android operating system is fast and versatile, and there are plenty of apps that can be of help to healthcare professionals. Here are 25 great apps that can be used in healthcare settings:

Medical Reference

Android DeviceIf you are looking for apps that can provide you with quick medical reference, these Android apps are the way to go. Almost everything you need, right at your fingertips.

  1. Harrison’s Manual of Medicine: Get more information on medical conditions and topics. Offers clinical guidance, and includes figures and tables. A complete medical reference for the busy health professional on the go. Cost: $59.95
  2. Diagnostic Imaging: This great app uses flashcards and helps you learn more about how medical imaging works, and different techniques. A handy reference for those who need to interpret imaging, and who want to know how medical imaging works. Cost: $1.99
  3. The Merck Manual: Helpful medical reference from a trusted source. Includes clinical focus and helpful guidance on evaluations. A great resource for healthcare professionals, from a trusted name in medicine. Cost: $49.95
  4. WebMD: Access WebMD on your Android smart phone. Includes quick reference in a consumer friendly format. A Medscape app for Android should be coming out soon. Cost: Free
  5. Health Guide: A great reference tool helping to identify different health conditions. A quick and easy mobile resource for physicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, among other healthcare professionals. Cost: $1.99
  6. Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary: Reference that includes medical jargon and meanings. You can look up different medical terms, and learn them when you integrate the Flash Cards app. Learn the language of medicine. Cost: $24.95


Tablet PCGet help with diagnosing conditions and monitoring treatment with these helpful apps from Android.

  1. 5-Minute Clinical Consult: Offers guidance on various conditions, including images that can help you make the proper diagnosis. Also offers helpful information on pediatric conditions and diagnosis. Includes a drug reference. Cost: $79.95
  2. Red Book: Meant for diagnosis of pediatric conditions, this offers guidance on treatment as well as manifestations of different childhood diseases. Includes epidemiology and etiology. Cost: $99.95
  3. Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis: Great for nurses, this diagnostic app offers help in reaching accurate diagnosis and planning treatment. Cost: $39.95
  4. Skyscape’s MobileDDx: This diagnostic app is designed to help you make diagnosis at different points of care, and come up with a treatment regimen that works. Cost: $9.95
  5. Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests: A quick reference to different diagnostic tests, and how to use them. A great tool for those who are running tests and need a fast point of reference. Cost: $39.95
  6. Differential Diagnosis: This is a rather helpful little app that is also consumer friendly. Discover specific conditions by answering yes or no and then getting a direction as to where you can go next. Cost: Free
  7. iGrok: This Android app is in development, but is expected to be great. The idea is to be able to help get images from radiology in order to help with better diagnosis.


PrescriptionsLearn more about different drug interactions, prescription characteristics and learn correct dosing.

  1. Davis’s Drug Guide: This is a comprehensive drug guide that can be used to help you get up-to-date information on more than 5,000 brand name and generic drugs. Learn interactions and more. Cost: $49.95.
  2. Epocrates Rx: Epocrates has long been admired in the medical world, and this app allows you to find drug information, pill ID, interactions, tables and requirements. Helps you perform dosing calculations as well. Cost: Free
  3. PEPID: Offers a large drug database, and includes dosing calculators and more to help you learn about drug interactions and more. Cost: Free trail and then monthly subscription.
  4. Drug Facts: The gold version of this Android app offers drug interaction information and provides complete prescribing information for more than 4,000 drugs.  Cost: $99.95
  5. Drug Interaction Checker: Get a helpful and quick reference for drug interactions. You can use build in camera to capture the drug’s barcode, and then get information from the system. Will also help you find a generic that is less expensive. Cost: Free
  6. Insulin Dose Calculator: This simple dosage calculator can help with setting the proper amount of insulin, and creating the proper treatment regimen. Cost: Free

Patient Care

DoctorUse these Android apps to directly improve the patient care that is received, and to help your patients feel more comfortable.

  1. AgileMedCalc: Treat your patients more effectively with the help of this medical calculator that helps with ANC, A1C to Serum Glucose, Anion Gap/Acid-Base, MELD Score, Maintenance Fluid Rate, Albumin-corrected for Calcium and Kg-Lb Weight Conversion. Cost: Free
  2. Blood Pressure Tracker: Monitor your patients, especially those with heart problems, using this Android app. Information from patient is sent immediately to the healthcare provider, providing instant information and analysis. Cost:$19.95
  3. Period and Ovulation Tracker: Help your female patients with this app that can help them figure ovulation and best fertility. Developed by a doctor, this is a handy and helpful app for those who want to help their patients increase their chances of conception. Cost: Free
  4. Techmedic: The latest in distance monitoring. Allows healthcare professionals to monitor their homebound or ambulatory patients from anywhere. Healthcare providers can keep tabs on vital signs, no matter where they are, with the help of this app which offers powerful tools for patient care.
  5. ACP Handbook of Women’s Health: Yes, women have different medical needs than men. If you want to help your female patients more effectively, this Android app can be a big help. Offers information on female development and issues, from the physical to the psychosocial. Cost: $74.95
  6. Talk To Me: This is a language translation app from Android. It’s extremely helpful for healthcare professionals who need to communicate with patients and their families in different languages. A real time speech translator with audio to help things along. Includes Spanish, German, Italian and French. Cost: Free

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