Top 25 Nursing Ethics Blogs

If you are a nurse, you know that the job is more than just treating sickness and helping others with healthy living. It is important to treat your patients with dignity and respect, especially since many of those who are ill or injured see their nurses more than they see any other healthcare professionals. It is also vital that you remember that there is a code of ethics for medicine in general, and for the nursing field. It is a good idea to learn about proper practices, including privacy requirements, as well as be well-versed in legal aspects of what happens in medicine.

If you are looking for some guidance related to medical ethics, you can turn to these top blogs geared at helping nurses learn more about ethics and best practices as they treat their patients.

Nursing Ethics Blogs

299px-Caduceus.svgThese blogs have a great deal to say the subject of nursing ethics, and the philosophy behind being a good nurse. Learn about the specific ideas of what nursing ethics entails, and develop your own ethical compass.

  1. The International Centre for Nursing Ethics: Explores questions of nursing ethics, and suggests research ideas for studies in ethics. A great look at the international nursing community and its code of conduct.
  2. Nursing Ethics: This Canadian web site offers a number of helpful posts and articles on ethics related to nursing, from codes of ethics to providing position statements.
  3. EthicsBlog: Offers a number of posts on different topics, among them nursing ethics. Use the “nursing ethics” category to find useful information on all things related to the field of nursing.
  4. A Philosophy of Nursing Forum: Learn about different issues in nursing, and get insight into different philosophies of nursing and patient care.
  5. Nursing Ethics Knowledge Base: This wiki features posts and interactive activities that can help nurses learn to address issues of ethics, and help them make decisions ahead of time so that they know what to do when a situation arises.

Nursing Legal Consultant and Health Law Blogs

450px-Fernando+lucchese+consultEthics are often entwined with legality. If you are concerned about questions of nursing ethics and how they might relate to the law (especially medical and nursing law) you might consider one of these legal nurse consultant blogs. Also included is a health law blog that can provide insight and understanding of medical law.

  1. Vickie’s Legal Nurse Consulting Blog: Learn about legal nurse consulting, and get insight into legal and ethical issues that can come up when you are a nurse.
  2. Minnesota HomeCare Association’s Nurse Consultant BLOG: Get legal and ethical insights from a home care perspective. This blog offers helpful information and discussion.
  3. VP Medical Consulting Blog: A look at different legal issues related to nursing and medicine, and a look at nurse legal consulting.
  4. Online Legal Nurse Blog: Look at different subjects related to legal nurse consulting.
  5. Health Care Law Blog: Learn a little more about law issues in health care, and get a little more information on issues and policies that may affect nursing ethics.

General Medical Ethics Blogs

800px-US_Navy_030425-N-2382W-001_Fleet_Surgical_Team_Eight_(FST-8)_Surgical_Consultant_Lt._Cmdr._Craig_Shepps_(left)_performs_surgery_on_a_Marine's_injured_hand_with_the_assistance_of_operating_room_technician_HospitaLearn a little bit more about the different ethical questions facing the medical profession and those who work in it. These blogs are a little more broad than just nursing ethics, but they provide helpful insight into how you can handle ethical quandaries you may come across. Additionally, some of these blogs can provide a fresh look at professional dynamics and how those affect ethics in medicine.

  1. Sufficient Scruples: An exploration of issues related to healthcare and ethics in medicine.
  2. Health Care Organizational Ethics: Looks at the ethical questions that pop up in healthcare organizations, such as clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices.
  3. Ethics Illustrated: A look at different issues related to medical and nursing ethics, as well as the healthcare situation.
  4. Medical Ethics Blog: Get the latest news related to ethics situations in healthcare and medicine from a reporter at the Toronto Star.
  5. Biopolitical Times: Considers questions of medical ethics as they relate to politics and policy. An interesting take on ethics, and questions that you might find interesting to consider.
  6. LifeEthics: Addresses issues related to ethics, with a focus on reproduction. Places a special emphasis on life and human rights.

Patient Care Blogs

BloodPressure2Learn about better patient care. Ethical questions often deal with patient care and quality of life. Questions of ethics are tied up in many areas of patient care — especially as they relate to end of life quandaries and terminal illness and pain management. These blogs address these issues, and can help you be a better, more compassionate nurse.

  1. Medical Futility: An interesting take on end of life care, quality of life and the ethics involved in end of life decisions.
  2. The Art of Patient Care: This blog focuses on creating better relationships between patients and healthcare professionals. Focuses a great deal on doctors, but offers helpful insights for nurses as well.
  3. Tony Coelho’s Blog: This blog is hosted by the Partnership to Improve Patient Care and tackles issues related to patients rights, caring for patients and healthcare reform.
  4. Health Care for All: Tackles concerns about access to health care, and looks at solutions to problems that may prevent some patients from getting the care that they need.
  5. Pallimed: This is a hospice blog devoted to palliative medicine. Addresses issues of patient care when pain is involved, and considers ethical issues, as well as insight into pain management.

Nurse Blogs

3005145811_f5e034616aMany nurses include blog posts on ethical issues that may arise in the course of normal work. Many nurses share their experiences, providing helpful insights into how you can improve your manner. Some blogs include startling insights into life as a nurse, and the ethical questions that need to be answered everyday — even if you don’t immediately think of them as ethics questions.

  1. Nursing Law & Order: Consider legal issues in nursing and contemplate how these issues relate to ethics.
  2. Emergiblog: Looks at life as a nurse, and considers issues related to nursing. Especially in terms of the emergency room.
  3. Head Nurse: A sassy look at nursing and issues related to the job.
  4. It shouldn’t happen in health care: One nurse’s look at the healthcare system, and the problems that beset it.

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