Top 50 Travel Nursing Blogs

One of the most exciting jobs available today is that of travel nursing. This field is growing in popularity as nurses realize that their skills are in demand on cruise ships, at resorts, in different countries and even in different branches of the military (although some additional training is required in this case). It is possible to travel as part of entourages for celebrities and athletes, and also to offer services through agencies, or at clinics around the country. Travel nursing can be immensely rewarding and even exciting as you visit new places, meet new people, and participate in educational programs that encourage healthy living, and provide aid and comfort when treating injuries. If you want to learn about travel nursing, here are 50 blogs that can help you with this subject.

Blogs by Travel Nurses

These blogs by travel nurses can offer personal insight and tips, as well as inspiration.

  1. 800px-US_Navy_090514-N-9318F-010_A_registered_nurse_from_the_Antigua_and_Barbuda_Nurses_Association_checks_the_blood_sugar_level_of_a_patient_at_a_free_health_screening_during_a_Continuing_Promise_2009_medical_communiHighway Hypodermics: Follow the exploits of a travel nurse as she travels around wielding her needle.
  2. Travel Nurse Aim: Amy wanders the nurse as a RN, bringing her family with her.
  3. Travel Nursing Blogs: A great site featuring different blog posts addressing just about anything you can think of related to travel nursing.
  4. TravelRNGab: Looks at the ins and outs of being a travel nurse.
  5. Pauline gave up her life in a hospital to enjoy the life of a travel nurse. Read about her adventures.
  6. crzegrl, flight nurse: This flight nurse travels all over and does amazing things — as a nurse and as an adventurer.
  7. Ask Conrad!: This travel nurse shares his knowledge of travel nursing by answering others’ questions about the profession.
  8. Travel Nurses Blog: Get an inside look at travel nursing, and how you can make the most of your experiences.
  9. Adventures in Travel Nursing: Follow the adventures of a couple as they follow the job wherever it leads.
  10. Go travel Nursing: Helpful information and personal experiences as a travel nurse, as well as information on agencies and how to select on for you.

Blogs by Travel Nurse Agencies

You can get a lot of good information — and travel nursing job openings — when you read blogs written by travel nurse and medical staffing agencies.

  1. Ijn_nurseTravel Nursing Blog: Get the inside scoop on the latest developments in travel nursing.
  2. Travel Nurse Jobs Blog: Cirrus Medical Staffing offers insight into the job of travel nursing and offers job leads.
  3. Travel Registered Nurse: A blog devoted to helping you find out more about travel nursing and how to make it your career.
  4. Travel Nurse Source: Provides insight into launching your career as a travel nurse.
  5. Travel Nursing Blog: This offering from Expedient Medstaff can give you insight into life as a travel nurse.
  6. RXNurseNetwork: Keep up with the latest in travel nursing, and learn about the responsibilities.
  7. The Nursing School: The main thrust of this site is to help travel nurses get started.
  8. Travel Nursing Insider: This helpful podcast is offered by Onward Healthcare.
  9. NursesNetwork.TV: This is offered Premier Healthcare, a travel nursing agency/company. Learn about different aspects of travel nursing by watching interesting videos.

Travel Nurse Communities

Find helpful blog posts, answers to questions, and interact with other travel nurses online.

  1. 800px-US_Navy_060531-N-3931M-012_Nurses_for_the_Philippine_National_Red_Cross,_takes_a_temperature_reading_and_other_vital_information_from_Navy_Petty_Officer_3rd_Class_Christopher_OrrTravel Nursing Central: Get inside advice, and answers to common travel nursing questions.
  2. Ultimate Nurse: Read informative blog posts, and interact with others about travel nursing and available jobs.
  3. Travel Nursing: This forum is on, and is focused on answering questions about travel nursing.
  4. Interact with other nurses — especially travel nurses. And ask the travel nursing expert questions you might have.
  5. Travel Nursing Jobs: Get a look at travel nursing jobs, and chat with those knowledgeable about the field.
  6. Interact with Peter and other travel nurses, and find solid information on travel nursing.
  7. HealthGrades: This is a valuable community and resource for those looking for travel nursing jobs at the best hospitals and clinics.
  8. NursingLink: Join this site to learn more about different issues related to nursing and travel nursing, as well as interact with other nurses.
  9. NurseLinkUp: Follows nurses and offers blog posts and other information on the latest nursing trends.
  10. NurseConnect: Find other nurses, learn about travel nursing and share your own stories.
  11. Keep up with all things nurse, including travel nursing and what you can do to become a travel nurse.
  12. Nurse Uncut: Learn about nursing, read interesting blog posts, and find other travel nurses.

Travel Nurse Publications and Associations

You can keep up with the latest news and travel nursing headlines when you check out the sites of publications and associations. Many of these have blogs, and offer interesting articles and posts.

  1. 477px-Navy_nurse_aboard_the_USS_Sanctuary_--_1960sHealthcare Traveler: Information for traveling healthcare professionals — including nurses.
  2. Nursing Standard: This U.K. nursing publication offers insights into things that every travel nurse should know.
  3. The American Journal of Nursing: Read headlines, stories and get online access to the latest in nursing.
  4. PanTravelers: This is an association for healthcare travelers, including nurses, and provides posts, articles and other useful information.
  5. American Nurses Association: Get the insider scoop on being a nurse, including becoming a travel nurse.
  6. ATHNA: This is the American Travel Health Nurses Association, and you can find a number helpful resources, headlines and more.
  7. American Assembly for Men in Nursing: This primarily aimed at the “murse” population and offers a wealth of solid information.
  8. American Academy of Nurse Practitioners: Information on being a nurse practitioner, including how you can take your practice on the road.
  9. NSW Nurses’ Association: News, information and more that can help travel nurses based in Australia.
  10. Canadian Nurses Association: Headlines, nursing trends, travel nursing and more with a Canadian focus.
  11. British Nursing Association: Helpful information, posts and more with an emphasis on British nursing.

General Nursing Blogs

These blogs may not be specifically about travel nursing, but they do provide excellent insights that any nurse can use to improve his or her patient care.

  1. 549px-Miss_Lydia_Monroe_of_Ringold,_Louisiana,_a_student_nurse_fsa8e04913u_cropMental Nurse: Learn about life as a mental health nurse.
  2. Off the Charts: A great blog about common nursing pitfalls, and how to avoid them.
  3. The Nursing Site Blog: Interesting headlines and insight into the latest happenings in the world of nursing.
  4. 21st Century Nursing: A great blog addressing the challenges — and opportunities — of nursing in the modern world.
  5. Geriatric Nursing: Learn about taking care of older patients, and helping them avoid abuse.
  6. My Nurse Job: An interesting blog about different types of nursing jobs, and other nurse issues.
  7. Future of Nursing Blog: A great blog on issues that are likely to be a part of nursing now and in the future.
  8. Healthcare POV: Read a number of interesting blog posts from different nursing and healthcare blogs.

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