50 Inspirational Cancer Survivor Blogs

Any health care professional knows that cancer can be one of the most difficult health issues to address. However, what used to be a sure death sentence is overcome every day. While cancer can still be deadly, and while treating it is a long and often-painful process, it is possible to survive cancer. One of the most potent weapons in the fight against cancer is hope.

Many nurses, doctors, survivors and others know that hope and a degree of optimism can help send cancer packing. If you are looking for stories of hope — even as the path is difficult and dark — you can read one of the many blogs out there devoted to overcoming cancer. Below are 50 inspirational cancer survivor blogs.

Breast Cancer

One of the more common and well-known cancers is breast cancer. Here are some of the blogs that address breast cancer survivorship.

  1. Breast Cancer Blog: Suzette Lipscomb, a breast cancer survivor, writes this blog for Everyday Health.
  2. My Breast Cancer Blog: A look at breast cancer and life. An inspiring and interesting blog.
  3. The Cancer Warrior: This radio producer and cancer survivor knows how to add humor to any situation — including one that involves breast cancer.
  4. Brenda’s Blog: This blog on Breast Cancer Sisterhood offers first-hand advice related to surviving cancer.
  5. About.com Breast Cancer: Pam writes about breast cancer from the perspective of an 8-year survivor.
  6. Having Fun After Cancer!: An inspiring and helpful look at what to do after your breast cancer.
  7. We Can Rebuild Her: A hopeful breast cancer journal.
  8. Breast Cancer? Bu Doctor…I Hate Pink!: Learn how to treat your breast cancer with just a touch of humor.
  9. Girl Stuff: This breast cancer survivor blogs about her journey — and other stuff.
  10. Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog: A passionate survivor who writes about cancer and more.
  11. Cancer does suck but it is a little funny: Barbara takes you on a journey that involves laughter as well as cancer.
  12. An Unexpected Journey: Inspiration from someone with triple negative breast cancer.
  13. The Dog Lived (and so will I): This woman’s dog beat cancer. And then she did. Plenty of moxie to go around.

Colon Cancer

This is another cancer we sometimes hear about. Learn more about colon cancer, and read stories of survival.

  1. Michelle WILL Win Against Colon Cancer: Learn more about surviving colon cancer as you go along this journey with Michelle.
  2. Randy’s Cancer Blog: Randy is a survivor of colon and rectal cancer, and shares his journey.
  3. Cowgirl Attitude: Shares stories about colon cancer — and does it with attitude.
  4. About.com Colon Cancer: Find out more about surviving colon cancer.
  5. The Colon Cancer Experience: First hand information about surviving colon cancer.
  6. Patrice’s Cancer Blog: Read about going through cancer, and find out how this mother is coping.

Leukemia and Lymphoma

If you or someone you love is afflicted with either of these cancers, it can be helpful to read stories of survival. These inspirational stories can help provide you with hope for the future.

  1. My Blood Hates Me: Even though this blog isn’t updated anymore, it’s still inspiring. Read the archives to learn about how one man moved from anger and depression at his cancer to hope.
  2. Lumpy’s Diary: Keep up with what his happening in the life of this Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor.
  3. My ride on the Hodgkins bus…: An inspiring blog from a Hodgkins survivor.
  4. Chemopalooza: This Hodgkins lymphoma survivor has plenty of interesting insights.
  5. The Journal of a Prizefighter: Read the story of this relapsed Hodgkins survivor.
  6. Surviving Leukemia: A great blog about surviving leukemia. This blog has even made into a book.
  7. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Blog: Inspiring stories, helpful hints and general support.
  8. Craig’s Blog: Craig is a leukemia survivor. You can read his story, and his thoughts on faith, and gain inspiration and hope.
  9. Joe’s Leukemia Blog!: Follow the journey of this cancer survivor as he battles leukemia.
  10. BruceDan’s Blog: Read about this great leukemia survivor. Good information, as well as insights into the discouragements and overcoming them.
  11. The Adventures of BaldyLocks: This Leukemia survivor blogs about her experience, and has plenty of attitude and spunk.

Other Cancers

There are even more cancers being fought every day. You can read tales of survival and hope related to many other types of cancer.

  1. An Inch an Hour: This guy beat prostate and rectal cancer and blogs about life and surviving cancer.
  2. Thyroid Cancer SURVIVOR: Follow the journey of a thyroid cancer survivor.
  3. Miss Melanoma: She blogs about skin cancer. In a fun way.
  4. Losing the Butterfly: Another blog from a thyroid cancer survivor. Inspiring for anyone with cancer.
  5. Asher’s Journey After Brain Cancer: Inspiring story of a little boy who survived brain cancer — and is still going.
  6. The Call Me Galvez: This young man blogs about being a brain cancer survivor.
  7. Appendix Cancer Survivor’s Blog: Follow information about this cancer survivor. Includes stories from other cancer survivors as well.
  8. David Green’s Prostate Cancer Survivor Blog: Stories from the life of this survivor.
  9. Each Day Counts: Inspiring blog from a cancer survivor who had a liver transplant.
  10. Red’s daily dish: Insight from a cancer survivor and inspirational speaker.
  11. Tony’s Cancer: This survivor blogs about his cancer journey.
  12. Glenn Keeping: Shares stories of cancer and of life as an active member of the gay community.

Cancer Support Blogs and Communities

If you are looking for support, you can find it in these blogs and communities. Read others’ stories of struggling with cancer, and maybe even share your own.

  1. CancerGuide: Inspirational Patient Stories: Find some inspiration in these stories from cancer survivors. Read stories by different types of cancer.
  2. Blog for a Cure: This cancer community allows you to join and then blog about your cancer. Read other stories and share your own.
  3. I’m too young for this: A cancer community for those between the ages of 15 and 40 who have cancer. Connect with young adults, read the blog and get involved.
  4. Cancer Survivors Network: Join this community, connect with others, and find more information about survivors. A community from the American Cancer Society.
  5. OncoChat: Share your cancer story, and learn from other stories. A great way to connect.
  6. CancerCare: Get support, and learn stories from other survivors.
  7. Gilda’s Club: Nationwide cancer support. Read news, survivor stories and find out how to connect offline.
  8. Cancer Support Community: Survivor stories, videos and headlines.