Sample Nursing Care Plans — The Ultimate Internet Guide

Although nursing care plans often seem to follow a formula, each plan — just as each patient who needs that plan — is different. Classification activities of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association International (NANDA-I) have been instrumental in defining nursing care plans, and the plans and tools offered online through various nursing sites and universities also lend a hand in developing the best nursing plans possible. If you are a nurse or a caregiver who needs help caring for a loved one or patient who suffers from a disease or disorder, these nursing care plans can provide you with unlimited resources.

The plans and tools listed below are not the only tools you can find on the Web. Google Books and other open source resources also carry materials that can help you learn more about care plans for specific diseases and disorders.

Sample Care Plans

  1. Nurses at WorkCare Plans 123: This site has a resource library that contains only graded care plans and graded student nursing-related documents for a fee.
  2. CarePlans: states that it is the #1 online resource for nursing assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  3. Free Nursing Care Plan — NCP: This site carries numerous plans for various situations from AODS to other disease conditions.
  4. Free Nursing Care Plan Examples: This list provides links to nursing care plans for a variety of diseases and disorders, including end stage renal failure and acute pain.
  5. Nursing Crib: This site lists a variety of nursing care plans from abruptio placenta to urinary tract infections (UTI). Learning on how to make your own Nursing Care Plan (NCP) is one of this site’s primary goals.
  6. Nursing Care Plans: This site focuses on nursing care plans, case studies and other tools for nurses.
  7. Nursing Care Plans: This site not only offers nursing care plans, but also nursing notes, nursing tests and nursing diagnoses.
  8. Omaha System Care Plans and Practice Tools: Various agencies send in care plans for review and distribution. This is a very comprehensive list.
  9. Sample Treatment Plans: These plans pertain to acupuncture treatment for assisted reproductive therapy. Every acupuncture treatment plan can be customized to address the individualized patient’s needs.
  10. Treatment Plans That Worked: Real-World Treatment Plans that were actually successful, with the data that documents it. This site offers over 576 treatment plans in its database.
  11. VCU Libraries: This site, offered by Virginia Commonwealth University, offers a look at evidence-based medicine and provides resources on trials and reviews, as well as care plans.
  12. Female NurseWellsphere: This site carries a list of articles and treatment plans for every known malady and pain.

Case Studies and Specific Focuses

  1. 5 Congestive Heart Failure Nursing Care Plans: NurseLabs offers five different heart failure nursing care plans to fit various circumstances.
  2. Clinical Forms & Sample Treatment Plans: Dr. Childress offers a variety of templates for intake, insurance and more at his developmental psychotherapy Web site.
  3. Comprehensive Nursing Care Plans: This subscription-based site provides interactive samples of nursing care plans unique to nursing home residents.
  4. Nursing Care Plans for Anemia: Life Nurses offers a way to treat anemia, a a group of blood disorders characterized by too little hemoglobin in the blood.
  5. Prime Case Studies: This site carries numerous case studies for physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, case managers and employers.
  6. Problem Oriented Nursing Care Plans: A standard care plan for Multiple Sclerosis Center inpatient services, produced by the the Multiple Sclerosis Center.
  7. Pulmonary Case Studies: Loyola University Medical Education Network offers several case studies, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and fever in a patient with Wegners.
  8. Sample Nursing Care Plans — Patient Experiences: This group of case studies, plans and questions result from a search for nursing care plans at Kosmix.
  9. Teaching Files: The Nuclear Medicine division of Washington University in St. Louis offers teaching files, including 160 new cases from 2006-2010. These files offer case studies and plans for cases without and with diagnoses.
  10. The Nurse Friendly Clinical Nursing Case Studies: Each case in this site is reviewed and supplemented with clinical and legal resources from the web.
  11. The University of Utah Eccles Health Sciences Library: The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education offers case studies, tutorials and other study tools.
  12. Transitional Care Planning: This site provides comprehensive, peer-reviewed cancer treatment plan information for outpatient cancer care, provided by the National Cancer Institute.

Create Your Own Plans and Software

  1. ADL Data Systems Care Plans: ADL Standard Problem Set Libraries were written in-house, by Registered Nurses. Software wizards make it easy to to load data through a step-by-step process.
  2. Allscripts Care Management: Allscripts Care Management’s suite of software products provides the flexibility to select the functionality you need and to tailor the application to the task at hand.
  3. Basics and Standards of Care Planning: This page outlines the standards of care planning, along with clear guidelines and resources.
  4. NurseCare Plans: As trigger-causing responses are entered and saved in this software, care plans are automatically generated for suggested use. This standard care plan can then be modified for the individual resident and their clinical condition.
  5. Clinical Management Plans: A toolkit: This toolkit provides a summary of what Clinical Management Plans (CMPs) are and how to develop them.
  6. Create Treatment Plan From Assessment: This plan also offers a link to create a treatment plan without an assessment.
  7. Creating a Treatment Plan: HealthCentral offers a way to create an ADHD treatment plan. Use this link to search for other treatment plans offered by this site.
  8. Critical Thinking Strategies: Concept Mapping: Nursing students face a great need to understand the larger questions and problems of their chosen field, and concept maps can help to develop refined nursing care plans.
  9. Discharge from hospital pathway, process and practice: This UK Department of Health good practice guidance updates and builds on the Hospital Discharge Workbook published in 1994.
  10. How to Make Perioperative Nursing Care Plans: Learn how to make a perioperative nursing care plan from this step-by-step article.
  11. Interactive Health Network Resident Care System: This RCS automates your entire assessment, care planning and quality assurance process, offers comprehensive reporting capabilities and utilizes laser-printing technology.
  12. Momentum Healthware: The Care Planning module of this software allows for easily created care plans that are fully integrated with MDS (RAPs) and progress notes.
  13. Nursing Assessment: Use this tool from as a blank assessment form to help create treatment plans for any admissions process.
  14. Nursing Care Plan Editor: There are 200 nursing diagnoses and 550 nursing interventions included in this software.
  15. Paperwork Guidelines and Sample Forms: Michigan State University offers samples and nursing care plans as part of the curriculum for their nursing classes.
  16. Steps in Developing a Family Nursing Care Plan: offers an easy-to-understand set of guidelines for developing a nursing care plan for home care.