Extra Money Always Helps!

When we work as nurses, we often feel like there isn’t time enough in the day to do anything else, especially if we have families to raise or loved ones to care for. However, we also often want a little extra income on the side just to supplement our regular jobs. So, how can a nurse bring in extra money without starting a full-fledged business?

My colleague and fellow nurse career coach Carmen Kosicek likes to talk about what she calls “profit projects” that nurses can undertake without going to the extreme of starting a business. I have several of these projects underway myself, and while I also have a business of my own, my little “profit projects” bring in a few hundred dollars here and there and can be very helpful in supplementing my income.


As a nurse with some skills as a writer, I’ve written my own nursing blog for many years. While I may earn a little money from small ads on my blog, that’s actually not why I do it (and that’s not how it has earned me some extra income). I write my blog because I love to write, and it gives me a great place to highlight my expertise and demonstrate that I’m an expert who knows what I’m talking about.

Having said that, my blog has allowed me to gain notoriety and a reputation as a nurse writer worthy of notice, and the visibility of my blog has been what has led other websites and magazines to hire me as a writer or blogger. (In fact,  my writing for LPNtoBSNOnline.org is a prime example of that very fact!)

There are many websites, blogs, magazines and newspapers that are always looking for a fresh perspective. Since nurses are trusted health professionals that often have a lot to say, you can use your skills as a nurse and as a writer to create opportunities to earn a little extra money while showcasing your skills and knowledge in a written format.


Sometimes, companies or businesses need a nurse to act as a consultant. Healthcare is complicated these days, and nurses are seen as experts with an insider’s scoop of what’s actually going on.

Perhaps you know a factory, school, small business or professional group who wants to hire a nurse to help them understand the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform. Maybe it’s a small business that needs to begin providing health insurance for their employees under healthcare reform and they need some professional advice. As a nurse, you are well-positioned to do just that!

Advice and Guidance

Another idea that some nurses are seizing on is that there are many middle-aged Americans whose parents are in need of a little extra help. Perhaps their parents need to move to assisted living and the family wants guidance in choosing a facility. Maybe that same family would like to hire some private caregivers to supplement the care that their elderly parent is receiving in a facility and they need a nurse to coordinate, train and supervise those private caregivers. I know several people who earn extra money in this way, and you can even ask to be paid in cash so that it’s completely under the table.

The Sky’s The Limit

There are really few limitations on what you can do as a nurse, either as a full-time entrepreneur or with small side “profit projects” that earn you just a little extra money. Just make sure you’re working within your scope of practice, make sure you have your own liability insurance that covers the work you want to do, and enjoy finding ways to earn extra income!



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