Nurses, Are You Caring For Your Own Heart?

On Valentine’s Day, we think about those we love, expressing our care and affection through cards, gifts, flowers and other special treats. Nurses, what treats and affection will you give yourselves today?

While showering our loved ones and friends with affection is a wonderful practice, there is an important person we often forget when it comes to love and affection–ourselves. Yes, nurses need love too, and some of us are the least likely to take a moment for self-appreciation and self-care.

If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, chocolates, and whatever else you choose to purchase or make in honor of this heartfelt holiday, how likely is it that you would think to buy some flowers–or even a card–for yourself? This may seem odd, but self-love is not selfish or self-centered at all. In fact, some psychologists and coaches say that we can’t truly love others fully unless we love and accept ourselves.

We nurses are often individuals who focus on caring for others, providing service and compassion to those around us while subjugating our own needs in the process. Selflessness may seem like a virtue, but it can often lead to burnout when we allow our own well to run dry in the desire to serve others.

Self-care and self-love are part and parcel of being a self-actualized, healthy and vibrant person. Adding just a little self-love to your Valentine’s Day can be as easy as spending a moment reflecting on the things you like about yourself, silently acknowledging your special gifts, or even writing yourself a letter or card. You may even choose to buy yourself a gift, take yourself to a favorite nature spot, or go out to breakfast on the way to work. It doesn’t matter what you do as much as the intention and feeling behind it.

Whether you work in cardiac ICU, hospice, home care or school nursing, you’re a nurse and you deserve love and affection. So, give yourself some love today and every day, nurses–and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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