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As a nurse blogger and writer, I’m privy to a world where nurses read and write daily about their profession, both in print and online. Personally, I find that the world of nurse writers has never been more robust, and what a world it is!

Nurse Bloggers

I entered the nurse “blogosphere” back in 2005, and at that time blogs were a relatively new phenomenon. Nowadays, almost every company and website has a blog, but even eight years ago, the blogging landscape was significantly less populated than it is now.

In terms of nurse bloggers, you would not believe how many nurses out there are blogging about their experiences, venting their frustrations, sharing their triumphs, and otherwise taking the world of nursing and making its inner workings accessible to anyone with access to the Internet.

Nurse bloggers write about anything from patient care and nurse bullying to technology and advances in nursing research. The amount of blogging happening in the nursing world is astronomical, and I highly recommend exploring it.

If you’re moved to read nursing blogs, a simple Google search of “nurse blogs“, “nurse bloggers” or other related terms will yield a treasure trove of writing to explore. Look for lists of the best blogs, as well as the blogs recommended by nurse bloggers themselves.

Nurse Writers

In terms of nurse writers (what I see as a separate category from nurse bloggers), there are nurses setting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) around the world. There are collections of stories and essays by nurses, books of poetry by nurses, as well as many books written by solitary nurses who either want to tell a story (or series of stories) or educate their readers on a particular subject.

Nurses write a great deal about nursing, of course, but they also write about technology, literature, management, research, careers, nurse-patient relationships, and any manner of subjects. There are also nurses who write fiction for adults, not to mention non-fiction and fiction for children.

Again, a Google search of nurse writers, books by nurses or nursing books will yield yet another gold mine of books for your reading pleasure.

Nurse Journalists

Aside from nurse bloggers and nurse writers of books, there are also many nurses who write for magazines, journals, newspapers (even the New York Times!) and websites who might fall into the category of nurse journalists. This is yet another world within a world, and is well worth exploring.

The Sky’s The Limit

Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the reach of nurse writers, not to mention the breadth and depth of their creative output. And if you yourself would like to write, there are even nurse writers out there who coach other nurses on writing their own stories!

So, read to your heart’s content, and know that the universe of nurse writers is expanding daily. You can either join the movement as a writer yourself or simply enjoy the fruits of other nurses’ writing by reading their work and supporting their efforts.

Enjoy the world of nurse writers, bloggers and journalists, and you’ll continually be surprised at the quantity and quality of writing by nurses to explore.

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