Summertime Wellness

Nurses, how are you taking advantage of summer? What are you doing to lift yourself up and use summer to your advantage?

Sometimes, summer flies by without our even really noticing, but then there are also summers where we feel like we’re on top of the world and at our best. What’s this summer like for you?

A Time of Expansion

Summer can be a time of expansion, when we spend more time outside, go on vacation, kick our exercise regimen back into full gear, and otherwise play hard even as we work hard.

In summer, some of us get tan, become more fit, eat more healthy and living foods, and otherwise live a life that’s more vibrant and active.

Some people simply feel happier in the summer, and if you live in a place where the sun really gets brighter and stronger at this time of year, then the increase in light exposure and the longer days definitely can make a difference in your overall affect.

Take Advantage

So, are you taking advantage of what summer has to offer?

Are you spending more time outside? If not, why? Are there times when you’re indoors on a beautiful day when you could very well be outside instead? Are you just sitting in front of the TV out of sheer habit?

What kinds of foods are you eating? Are you going to the farmers market or local farmstands for fresh foods that can be so abundant at this time of year? How have you changed your diet to accommodate the availability of certain foods during the summer? Are you eating more fresh produce?

Meanwhile, are you exercising more, having more fun outdoors, and otherwise doing things that you can’t normally do in the wintertime?

Seize the Day

Nurses work so hard, and we can get stuck in ruts just like anyone else. So, if you’re sitting in front of the TV too much and eating heavy, wintry foods instead of fresh, local fruits and veggies, then get yourself on your bike, go the local farmers market, make a big fresh salad, and sit under the trees as you take in that healthy wholesome meal under the summertime sun.

Summer comes and summer goes, so seize the day–carpe diem–and take full advantage of what summer has to offer.

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