Got Feet?

Nurses, most of you are on your feet a lot, aren’t you? And how are those feet doing these days? Are they tortured, beaten up and aching? Are they well cared for? Do they need some special TLC?

Your Feet Are Important

Your feet carry you throughout your life, rarely complaining, and they’re always there when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. They bear your weight, pound on concrete, and run from one activity to another.

If you’re a nurse who performs direct patient care, your feet are two of the most important tools you have, and they help you literally navigate the world from moment to moment. Imagine nursing without your feet and hands! Those extremities are pretty important, aren’t they?

Love Your Feet

Loving your feet involves many things, so let’s discuss what such foot love can look like.

First, footwear is crucial. Do you skimp and purchase the cheapest shoes you can find, or do you treat your feet right and spoil them with great support, sturdy soles and other comforts? Would you spend an extra $50 to get shoes that will help your feet hurt less and feel less tired, or do you trim the shoe budget in deference to saving a little money? Your feet deserve the best you can afford.

Do you keep your toenails trim, soak your feet regularly, apply lotion, and take care of your corns, bunions and/or callouses? Do you ever receive pedicures? Have you ever had a foot massage or a treatment from a reflexologist? As hardworking nurses, don’t we deserve this kind of care?

Are there any problems with your feet that need medical attention? During my first few years as a nurse, I realized I had a major foot issue that required professional intervention, and I’m so glad I took care of that problem early in my career before it mushroomed into something much bigger.

In Praise of the Nurse’s Foot

Think about nurses, and you probably picture a busy nurse running down a hospital hallway, a home care nurse trotting from his car to a patient’s house and back out again, or maybe a corrections nurse on the run in a prison infirmary. Whatever a nurse does—even if it’s an administrative position—it likely involves a fair amount of walking and standing, if not running.

So, if we nurses use our feet so much, do we care for them well? Do we praise our feet, treat our feet well, and otherwise make sure that such a powerful collection of bones and sinew receives the respect and care that it deserves?

Take a look at your shoes, your nails, your laces, your toes, your heels. Are they in the condition they should be? Do they need something special? Is there something you’ve been ignoring? If you see some aspect that’s lacking, get a leg up on that issue and do something good for your feet today!


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