When Do You Nurse Yourself?

Nurses, with Nurses Week coming up in just a few weeks, isn’t it time to think about how you can nurse—and nurture—yourself?

Now don’t get me wrong, Nurse’s Week isn’t the only time when we nurses should do something nice for ourselves, but it’s a good annual reminder that we indeed deserve something special.

So, what will you do?

Physical Nurturing

Taking the upcoming Nurses Week into consideration, how would you like to nurture yourself physically? Would you like to recommit to your exercise routine? Would you like to schedule a massage? How about two massages? Or how about scheduling a private hot tub soak for you and some colleagues or friends, or perhaps for you and your spouse or partner if you want a romantic night out?

Thinking about food, is there a special dinner or treat you’d like? Is there a new restaurant in town that you want to try out, or how about an expensive edible treat at the local store that you keep telling yourself is too expensive?

And if your budget is tight, you could consider buying yourself a really nice bar of chocolate, going out for gourmet ice cream, or buying yourself that particular bottle of wine that you’ve had your eye on.


If the outdoors is your thing, is there a local (or not so local) place that you’ve been wanting to visit? Is there a park, trail or other outdoor space that you’ve been dying to visit?

Other special outings could include the zoo, the aquarium, or a favorite museum, art gallery or local town that calls your name.

The point is, take yourself somewhere special!

Emotional and Spiritual Nurturing

There are a plethora of ways to nurture yourself emotionally, and everything mentioned above actually qualifies. Good food, special treats, outings and massage or exercise all have the capacity  to nurture you emotionally and spiritually.

That said, there are other ways to nurture yourself emotionally and spiritually as well, including but not limited to: going to church, starting or restarting a meditation practice, yoga, prayer, or any number of activities that feel good on those levels.

If you’ve been in a funk and need some uplifting or support, meeting with your favorite spiritual/faith leader may be helpful, as well as seeking support from a yoga teacher, meditation teacher or other spiritual leader or teacher. And if you need something different from that, a good psychotherapist or coach can also be helpful, even if just short term.

Take the Time

Nurses, the point is that you need to take the time for yourself. No one else is going to do it for you, although you may have caring and loving people in your life who push you in that direction.

Nurses Week isn’t the only time to do something for yourself, but it’s a great reminder that you deserve it.

Take the time, do something special, and let me know what you do! I’d love to hear all about how you’ve cared for and nurtured yourself!

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