A Pause for the Cause

In our busy lives, we are often consumed by work, family, our faith community, neighbors, email, volunteering, children, pets, doing errands, and more or less taking of business on a daily basis.

Considering the general hustle and bustle of your life, how often do you “pause for the cause” of appreciating yourself, how hard you work as a nurse, and how much you give to others in both your personal and professional lives? I would venture a guess that you don’t appreciate yourself enough.

So, busy nurse, let’s reflect on your gifts, and feel deep appreciation for all that you do and give.

Professionally Speaking

In your professional career as a nurse, how many patients have you touched with your compassion? How many hands have you held? How many people have you supported, listened to, cried with, or hugged? How many kind words have you shared with patients and their families?

At work, how many colleagues have you gone the extra mile for? Who have you helped and supported? Whose back have you had when the going got tough? How many colleagues have you consoled, covered for, assisted, or rescued?

How many years have you given in service as a nurse? How many facilities have you left in better shape than when you arrived? How many nursing students, residents, or visitors have you treated with kindness and respect? How many shifts have you covered?

And for some of you, how many lives have you saved, both literally and figuratively?

Personally Speaking

In your personal life, I want you to consider the kind things you’ve done for others over the years. To how many people have you provided free nursing care or advice? How many times have you been called on to administer first aid?

Do you support your family financially? Do you care for elderly parents or relatives? Have you raised children, home-schooled children, attended parent-teacher meetings, cooked, cleaned, ironed, shopped, mowed lawns, fixed bicycle tires, washed dishes, cleaned the garage, folded the laundry, or changed the oil?

Think about what you do every day, every week, every month, and every year; just consider the magnitude of all that you do and give.

Appreciation of the Self

Nurses, this is a reminder to appreciate yourself—right now—and very frequently from now on.

As a nurse, you give a lot, and I bet that you’re also a person who gives a great deal outside of the workplace. Your “nurseness” is part of who you are. How often do you recognize it?

So, have a self-appreciation party right now, and please remember that it’s always a good time to express gratitude to yourself, during good times and bad.


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