Are You A Nurse Intrapreneur?

You may have heard of nurse entrepreneurs, those nurses who have stepped into running their own businesses. Nurse entrepreneurs are creating nurse-owned home health agencies, concierge nursing practices for the elderly, and many other types of business ventures. These nurses tend to be innovators, and they may launch such ventures independently or in collaboration with other colleagues.

So, have you ever heard of a nurse intrapreneur? A nurse intrapreneur is also innovative, but he or she doesn’t work for their own company; rather, they’re working right next to you at the hospital, home health agency, or clinic. Are you a nurse intrapreneur?

What Is A Nurse Intrapreneur?

A nurse intrapreneur is a nurse who takes his or her job seriously, and definitely isn’t showing up every day simply to perform mindless tasks and collect a paycheck at the end of the week. Intrapreneurs are seen as innovative thinkers who want to make a difference; they give as much attention to their work responsibilities as if they had a stake in the company themselves.

A nurse intrapreneur doesn’t just do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Such nurses see a challenge or a problem, and feel a responsibility to do something about it and bring about positive change.

In any healthcare setting, nurse intrapreneurs are often the driving force behind innovative practice and forward-thinking changes to protocols and thought processes. These nurses see the bigger picture, and they take a level of responsibility beyond what a normal employee may choose to do. They are dedicated not just to their own success, but also to the success of the group or organization as a whole.

Some Examples of Nurse Intrapreneurship

A nurse intrapreneur in a home health agency might see that scheduling has become a challenge for the team. She may have an innovative idea for streamlining the scheduling of visits, and she’ll bring that idea to management and suggest a course of action to fix the problem. She may even have gone to the length of creating a prototype of her new solution.

Another nurse intrapreneur may work in a busy emergency department, and he may have identified a significant weakness in patient flow patterns. Since his nursing supervisor likes to take time in department meetings to solicit suggestions for problems that have been identified in the previous month, this nurse intrapreneur has the opportunity to sketch out a new patient flow pattern for the entire team, and everyone can see how this apparently simple fix is actually an elegant solution.

Are You A Nurse Intrapreneur?

While reading this article, you may have noticed that you’re actually already a nurse intrapreneur. You may already be a nurse who identifies problems, creates solutions on your own or with a colleague, and wants to contribute to the good of the whole because it’s “the right thing to do.” You may have been an intrapreneur all your life, but never considered that it was anything special—or that what you are actually had a name.

Nurse intrapreneurship can be the driving force behind innovation and creative solutions. If you’re not already a nurse intrapreneur, would you like to be one?

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