Even Nurses Need Business Cards

As a nurse, do you generally think that the only nurses who need business cards are nurses who work for an organization or nurses who have their own businesses or entrepreneurial ventures? Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and here’s why.

A Business Card = A Valuable Career Tool

business cardIf you’re in the job market for a nursing position, you’re basically the CEO of your own “company”, and that company is you; it’s a company of one, and you need every possible tool in your toolbox to help you move ahead in your career.

As you go forward in your career—especially as you look for a new position or opportunity—you should be doing some assiduous networking. And when you do your networking, a business card is one tool that you need on hand at all times.

If you’re at a meeting, a seminar, out to dinner or at the mall, you never know when you may meet someone of influence who can help you in your career development. Maybe you’re at dinner with your cousin, and you begin chatting with the people at the next table; it turns out that they work at a prestigious medical center and they’ve been looking for someone with your qualifications and experience for six months! Now, you won’t happen to have your resume in your pocket, but you can whip out your wallet and give them each a copy of your business card!

Do you see how a business card can be a valuable tool for a nurse?

What Goes On Your Business Card?

Your business card should be simple, and I urge you to not use a standard template from one of those cheap business card websites; if you use a very common template, your card will look like so many others!

Design a simple yet elegant card with the help of a local print shop or graphic designer; this shouldn’t cost very much, and you can consider it an investment in your future and your career as a professional nurse.

On the front, make sure you include your name, credentials, telephone number, and an email address (don’t give them your work email). If your personal email address is too cute or weird, it doesn’t look professional; rather than “[email protected]“, try “[email protected]or another combination of your names and credentials. Doesn’t that look better?

If you’re a savvy networker, you already have a personalized LinkedIn URL that links to your very up to date and robust LinkedIn profile. It is highly recommended that you include that personalized URL on your card, and if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile with one of these custom URLs, learn how to make it happen!

On the back of your card (yes, use both sides!), include any of your special skills or certifications: PALS, ACLS, etc. Why waste the back when you can impress them with your expertise and experience?

Make It Work For You

Nurse, make your business card work for you by including information that showcases who you are and what  makes you special. You never know when you’ll meet someone who you’ll want to remember you, and a business card is one way to find a place in their wallet, their pocket, and their network.

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