Hungry For Change?

Many people choose to enter nursing because it offers a variety of career paths and specialties. Others may pursue nursing in search of a steady salary, the opportunity to serve others, or because they were positively impacted by a nurse during their lives. We all come to nursing for our own reasons, and it’s important to consistently reevaluate why we do what we do, and whether our needs have changed over the course of time.

Lost Your Mojo?

Perhaps, as a novice nurse, you were fired up about oncology . You sought certifications, gained expertise with chemotherapeutic agents, and generally found a niche that was working for you for years.

One day, you wake up and realize that oncology just isn’t doing it for you; there’s no more spring in your step as you get ready for work, and you realize that you’ve lost your oncology mojo. Now, this isn’t abnormal, and there’s nothing wrong with you; maybe you just need a change.

At any point in your nursing career, the thing about nursing that really lit your fire may have gone sour for you; this may be due to burnout, or it could just be plain old garden variety boredom.

If you’ve lost your mojo for the kind of nursing you do, you may feel that you can’t leave for new horizons since you’ve sunk so many years into being an expert. Yes, you  may not be an expert in the next phase of your career, but sometimes being a novice again can relight the nursing fire that you’ve lost.

Search Your Heart

If you’re feeling the need for change, it’s time to search your heart for what may be next. Is there something calling you? Is there new learning that you’d like to undertake? Is there some aspect of nursing that’s captured your attention?

Changing specialties or your nursing career trajectory isn’t necessarily seamless, but it’s also not rocket science. If your days of oncology are over and you’re keen on palliative care, it’s time to indulge your heart and mind in discovering what palliative care is all about.

Do Your Due Diligence

If you’re itching for a change, it’s time for research and due diligence. You may absolutely want to follow your heart, but you also need to do so with your mind coming along for the ride.

Let’s say you want to learn all about palliative care; in order to do this, you need information. You can read journal articles, books, blogs, and other publications, as well as listen to podcasts and delve into websites and organizations dedicated to palliative medicine. Next, you can reach out to experts in the field, request informational interviews, shadow a palliative care nurse for a few days, and begin to gain more understanding of what it’s all about.

Your due diligence can help you create what you want. Palliative care may look great in a journal or book, but the day to day of such nursing may not be right for you; then again, one day shadowing a nurse may be all you need to know that you’ve found what you want to do for the next ten years.

If you’ve lost your mojo and need a change, do your research, find what you want, and learn as much as you can. Nursing is your oyster; there’s so much you can do with your professional credentials. Go after what you want with due diligence, self-knowledge, and a desire for change, fulfillment,  and professional satisfaction.

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