LinkedIn + Microsoft = Important For Nurses

If you’re a nurse who has heard that LinkedIn is a smart platform to use as a healthcare and nursing professional, what you heard is correct. With the news that Microsoft has purchased LinkedIn for more than $20 billion, you can only imagine how much more crucial and powerful LinkedIn is poised to become in relation to professional networking.

Get Networked

Building your professional network and amassing a tribe of allies is increasingly important in this highly connected world where six degrees of separation could be all that stands between you and a very influential colleague.

On LinkedIn, nurses search for jobs, but they also meet other nurses and healthcare professionals around the world, as well communicating with other nurses in powerful LinkedIn groups that serve as platforms for connection.

Using LinkedIn, you can make a date to meet for lunch with another nurse or professional in a city that you’re traveling to or where you’re considering moving. Or if you want to do research on a particular nursing specialty, LinkedIn is the easiest place to find the specific nurse or nurses you need to speak with, including those employed by specific facilities and organizations.

You can also connect with current and former colleagues, and trade testimonials and recommendations in a symbiotic practice of supporting one anothers’ professional growth and standing.

Getting networked is a lifelong proposition, and LinkedIn is one of the most significant platforms for you to to do just that.

LinkedIn Will Grow With Microsoft

It’s unclear how LinkedIn will actually grow in depth and breadth as it becomes integrated into the Microsoft portfolio. After spending more than $26 billion on the purchase, it’s unlikely that Microsoft will simply allow LinkedIn to rest on its laurels and not change for the better.

As Microsoft figures out what to do with LinkedIn, you can expect that more companies may begin using LinkedIn profiles as de facto resumes, making written resumes irrelevant in some sectors. It’s hard to say to what extent, but the LinkedIn profile is about to become even more important for savvy 21st-century professionals.

With more than 400 million users worldwide, there’s no question that LinkedIn is the number one online networking platform for professionals around the world; how Microsoft leverages those users (and the millions more to come) is up for grabs, but this writer is hopeful that LinkedIn’s relevance will continue to expand and deepen.

Nurses Can Ride the LinkedIn Wave

Every day, nurses are building effective LinkedIn profiles, meeting other healthcare and nursing professionals, joining professional nursing groups with thousands of engaged members, finding jobs, and reading meaningful articles and blog posts.

Nurses, this purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft puts you on notice that your LinkedIn profile and your presence on that platform just became more crucial. Ride the LinkedIn wave, learn how to use the tools therein, and keep your finger on the pulse of the growth and increasing importance of LinkedIn to your nursing career.

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