Be A Positive Nurse

We all know that certain types of nurses can be pretty negative much of the time; those nurses can make life hell—or at least hellish—for those around them. Are you a positive nurse who counters the negativity of others? If not, now’s the time to start.

Positivity Rules

Plenty of scientific evidence shows that positive people are generally healthier and happier. Positive thinking can decrease stress and anxiety, which can in turn help you to be healthier and live longer.

Being positive can assist you to focus during stressful times, seeing open doors rather than closed doors. Would you rather have a fellow nurse at your side who has an open mind that can see the possibilities for resolving a difficult situation, or a nurse who throws up her hands, gives up, and walks away?

When you’re positive, those around you will be impacted by your outlook and demeanor, and your way of being may help them to see the workplace in a more positive light.

Negativity Diminishes

You must have known at least one chronically negative nurse in the course of your career. How did he or she act throughout the shift? Did they find creative solutions to problems, or did they seem walk around with blinders on, only seeing what was wrong?

Negative people in the workplace can drag others down, diminish and dampen the energy of the team, and inject unnecessary stress into any situation. Critical thinking happens from a clear head; negative thinking and defeatism do not encourage or empower critical thinking when it’s needed most.

Negative nurses contribute little; you may find that their contributions fill you and others with worry, anxiety, stress, and a sense of impending doom.

Bring Your Sunny Side Out

No one is saying that you have to smile and be bright and cheery every moment; we all have bad days, and some situations are just terrible, no matter how you slice them.

However, if you can be a force of positivity at work, you’ll find that you may inspire others to be the same. If you bring your sunny side out as often as possible, others will see you in that light, and they will come to you for advice and support since they’ll perceive you as a person who radiates a warm, positive feeling.

The Flag of Positivity

Your positive nature can impact others, de-escalate tense situations, and bring a sense of calm when others are stressed and anxious.

It’s pretty easy to be negative; you can go negative about pretty much anything if you put your mind to it. Being positive can take more work, mostly because you have to think things through and see possibility and creative solutions rather than roadblocks and speed bumps.

Choose to be a positive force among your fellow nurses and healthcare professionals. Carry the flag of positivity; others will flock to you, draw support from you, and see you as a positive influence on the culture of your workplace. Be a positive nurse.

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