What’s Inspiring You, Nurses?

When we’re knee deep in our careers as nurses, we can sometimes feel like we’ve lost our nursing mojo. There are plenty of times when we need inspiration to keep going, something to lift our spirits or pique our curiosity and get our engines going again. Where do you turn for inspiration?

The Internet

Yes, the Internet can suck you in for hours at a time; cute cat videos and clickbait can lead you down rabbit holes that take you deeper and deeper into places you never originally intended to go. However, when it comes to the potential for nursing inspiration, what you need is just a few clicks away.

Using any search engine, you can use keywords like “nursing blogs”, “nurse bloggers”, “nurse podcasts”, or “nursing podcasts” to find online content that might light your fire. These are only examples of easy search terms that will likely yield something of interest.

Many nursing journals have online portals for simple access to their content; some will be by subscription only, and others are free.

Social media can be a worthwhile source of nursing inspiration, but the ratio of noise to good content can be high on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and other platforms. Specific Facebook groups like the NurseUp forum can introduce you to nurses interested in conversation. For professional content and considerably less noise, try LinkedIn nursing groups, where nurses congregate and connect more seriously than most other sites.

Books, Books, Books

You can get inspiration from books, and they don’t just have to be nursing books, mind you. Stories of survival, overcoming obstacles, memoir, autobiography, and other subjects can give you insight into others’ lives, much of which can then inform how you approach patient care.

The number of books by and for nurses is astronomical; a quick Google or Amazon search will yield dozens of books by nurses, some of which are specifically inspirational in nature. Curling up with a good book may inspire you in ways you can’t foresee until you’re deep into it. Many of us may read books a lot less since we spend so much time online, but some people feel that the magic of a traditional book just can’t be surpassed in terms of its power to change both your mind and your life.

Conversation as Inspiration

There are times when a conversation with a sympathetic person is one of the best places we can turn when we need to reignite our passion. Talking with another nurse who’s feeling equally uninspired can easily devolve into a festival of complaints and gossip; however, if we enter into conversation with a specific goal in mind, we can sometimes get more out of authentically talking and listening than any other activity.

Conversations about our work as nurses can take place online (eg: Facebook and LinkedIn groups and forums); they can also take place at conferences, seminars, meetings, meetups, the hospital cafeteria or over a beer with a colleague.

If you really need to talk to another nurse who can understand where you’re coming from, perhaps you have a colleague or friend who would be willing to meet regularly to chat and offer mutual support. You  may also meet another nurse in an online forum and strike up a friendship that can move beyond the Internet to the phone, Skype, or meeting in person.

When the times get tough, sometimes we need a professional to talk to. Counseling and psychotherapy can be highly useful, both short- and long-term. We can also turn to trusted faith leaders for inspiration, guidance, a compassionate ear, or a shoulder to cry on.

Look For Inspiration

Inspiration can be found in nature, time with children or animals, travel, music, art, creativity, writing, exercise, solitude, or time with others. Your inspiration may come from your grandmother, your uncle, your best friend, your dog, or the sky above.

Where do you find inspiration to keep going? What gets you out of bed in the morning? How do you recharge your batteries and do it all over again, day after day?

Whether it’s books, podcasts, articles, a day at the beach, or walking your dog, find what inspires you, and make sure that you stay inspired through self care, curiosity, and a desire to be the best nurse and the happiest person you can imagine.

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