Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric Nursing focuses on the care of elderly individuals and provides the increased aid needed as one ages. It’s a specialization of nursing that is growing rapidly for a number of reasons, namely due to the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. As they enter their elderly years, the healthcare system is expected to see a large increase in the number of patients needing care and this is going to make geriatric nurses even higher in demand. It’s an incredible way to support these individuals and be thoroughly involved with one of the fastest growing sections of nursing. Here’s what the job typically entails and the best course of action for becoming a geriatric nurse:

Geriatric Nurse Job Description

It’s important to understand the different responsibilities associated with the position. Here are some skills needed for the position:

  • Coping with death is a necessary component of the job, particularly because end-of-life care is a large part of the job.
  • Because of increased life expectancy, it’s good to know how different complications can develop at different ages and how to identify age-related conditions.
  • The job also requires exceptional patience. Since almost all geriatric nurses are younger than their patients, it’s common for there to be hesitance from elders.

Becoming a Geriatric Nurse

The avenues available for getting into this specialty have been increasingly significant in recent years as the need for them has heightened. During an undergraduate education, classes focusing on geriatric nursing will be important to help foster the knowledge needed to pass the certification exam. Here’s some good advice for becoming a geriatric nurse:

  • The first step to becoming a geriatric nurse is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. This is an integral part to beginning a path in this specialization.
  • Taking classes on geriatric care can greatly expedite the process of becoming specialized and is highly encouraged ahead of the certification test.
  • Tactful communication skills are very valuable in this job and can make a huge difference.

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