Relationships are important in nursing, not only the relationship between a patient and a nurse, but the relationship between a nurse and the broader nursing community, other nursing professionals, and nursing industry organizations. Even in a field with such growth and so many opportunities as nursing has, who you know matters, and participating in social and professional communities with other nurses can be both personally and professionally rewarding. One online venue where many nurses and nursing organizations have started connecting with each other is Google Plus. Many hospitals, clinics, and individual nurses use their Google Plus accounts to share news tidbits and discuss the pressing matters that affect the explosively growing field of nursing.

These Google Plus accounts represent individuals and groups from across the nursing spectrum. This list isn’t a ranking, but a repository of great accounts and communities that any nurse who uses Google Plus should follow. Whether you’re a beginning nursing student or experienced pro, you can make friends and even find your next career opportunity through Google Plus.

General Nursing Resources

Nurses in all specialties will find something useful on Google Plus, and the pages listed in this category cover a wide swath of subject matter suited for just about anyone who wears scrubs to work.

  1. American Nurses Association


    The American Nurses Association works for all registered nurses in the United States to improve different aspects of the workplace, as well as engaging in lobbying initiatives to promote the rights of nurses in the workplace.

  2. Scrubs Magazine

    scrubs logo

    Scrubs Magazine focuses exclusively on nurse, both professionally and personally. Unlike many other publications that include nursing in with a wide array of other material, Scrubs Magazine focuses exclusively on nursing and all the unique challenges they face.


    allnursescom is a nursing community centered on helping nurses with every aspect of the job, often supporting them in their personal and professional lives. The Google Plus page helps provide a forum in which different issues can be discussed in a variety of way.

  4. ICU Medical


    ICU Medical helps patients and caregivers by providing the most integral medical devices for saving lives. Their contribution to the medical field is well-established and nurses should check out their Google Plus page for useful information.

  5. Travel Nursing


    One of the best things about nursing is the ability to pursue the lucrative route of traveling while working. Travel nursing is incredibly popular among nurses of all ages, notably recent graduates. Travel Nursing’s Google Plus page equips nurses with over 2000 pages of travel nursing advice and useful resources.

  6. Nurseslabs


    The Google Plus page for Nurseslabs informs users about all the great information available on their site, ranging from Nursing Care Plans and Drug Studies to Pathophysiology and Nursing Management.

  7. Nurse Nacole


    Nurse Nacole is an RN who blogs about all sorts of information on being a new nurse and pursuing an advanced nursing education. For recent graduates of nursing programs, it’s a great Google Plus page to check out.

  8. Debra Collins


    Debra Collins is an RN and RAC-CT who uses her Google Plus account to post incredibly informative information on different nursing programs and advice for those working the field.

  9. Jackson Nurse Professionals


    Jackson Nurse Professionals is a healthcare staffing company that helps connect nurses to jobs across the country. They help provide nurses flexibility through travel positions, temporary positions, as well as permanent placement.

  10. American Medicals


    American Medicals creates a number of products used for medical, surgical, and dental products across the world. The posts on their Google Plus page touch on different issues in the medical community and ways to stay happy and productive.

  11. Eric Falkenstine RN LNC


    Eric Falkenstine has extensive experience working as an RN, which is why his transition to legal nurse consultant makes so much sense. He’s now able to support the nursing community in a much different way through assisting them on legal issues.


    ProHealthcareProductscom is a leader in the best healthcare products and often partner with healthcare facilities such as universities, hospitals, clinics, and even individual consumers.

  13. Nurse Jobs Ireland


    Nurse Jobs Ireland is the foremost source for nurses looking to find a job in Ireland. Both current residents and non-residents of Ireland will be impressed by the ease of use and ability to start an exciting journey abroad.

  14. Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research


    The Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research helps keep nurses working in the field the most up-to-date on the latest developments and provides a portal for which to become further involved.

  15. Nurse Together


    Nurse Together helps all types of nurses to have a place to come together, share stories, have a forum to discuss with other nurses, and even review different nursing schools and employers. Their Google Plus page is an extension of these goals.


    Nursecom is home to some of the most well-known nursing publications, including Nursing Spectrum and NurseWeek. Their Google Plus page is a great outreach tool and allows users to get in touch and add thoughts about the site.

  17. ATI Nursing Education


    ATI Nursing Education’s Google Plus page helps students stay up-to-date on different nursing initiatives, prepare for the NCLEX, and any related topics. The posts are awesome ways to look at integral aspects of nursing that appear on different tests.

  18. 3M Critical & Chronic Care Solutions


    3M Critical & Chronic Care Solutions serves the nursing community by providing solutions for prevention and treatment of critical and chronic conditions. They help work with different patient-care setting to provide many different products and services integral to running efficient emergency service.

  19. UNH Health Services


    The University of New Hampshire has intent focus of promoting the most well-rounded healthcare and support for students across the country. Their Health Services center is a fantastic way to understand different aspects of primary care, a travel clinic, along with laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology help.

  20. Peter Abraham


    Peter Abraham is an instructor at Harrisburg Area Community College- Lancaster and provides great guidance to prospective nurses as they work their way through the program. His posts on Google Plus accentuate a large breadth of wisdom.

  21. Craig Button


    Craig Button is a Trauma Nurse Specialist that is passionate about critical care and concepts relevant to working in the emergency department. The posts are informative and he focuses on responding to questions from the community.

  22. Venture Medical ReQuip


    Venture Medical ReQuip supports medical facilities across the country to give them the latest surgical equipment to properly operate. Their posts consist of useful tips to keep nurses on top of their game.

  23. Lippincott’s Nursing Solutions


    Lippincott’s Nursing Solutions is a software suite that improves clinical excellence and patient outcome. It helps increase the breadth of knowledge staff has on hand to standardize care more as well.

  24. PulseUniform


    PulseUniform is an online store dedicated to different medical nursing uniforms that aims to provide a variety of interesting colors while also staying in line with regulatory aspects and practicality. For anyone in the medical profession, this site should be check out.

  25. Anna Shae


    Anna Shae is a healthcare staffing group that works to appropriately equip hospitals and other clinics with the nurses they need to operate efficiently. The posts are great for highlighting different nursing aspects.

  26. MarketLab, Inc


    MarketLab, Inc. specializes in locating unique and hard-to-find medical products for healthcare professionals. Their extensive inventory consists largely of items that are not available elsewhere or on a very limited basis.

  27. Tangent Medical


    Tangent Medical develops and distributes IV therapy products that allow for safely assisting those in the medical field to best administer aid to others. They base their products off of extensive clinical research and are focusing on innovative life-saving techniques.

  28. The Nurse Network


    The Nurse Network helps nurses find jobs across the country. It’s great for those looking to relocate and better their careers. They have a proven record of locating the best jobs around the country and their Google Plus page is an incredibly informative tool.

  29. Nurses Universal Resources


    Aimed at providing an online resource guide for nurses of all levels, Nurses Universal Resources is an incredible way for nurses of any level to get information and help with nursing reviews, seminars, and tutorials.

  30. Gero Nurse Prep


    Gero Nurse Prep helps nurses get certified in gerontological nursing online and provide the best care for seniors. This certification is crucial to have on staff so that all the necessary precautions can be taken when handling the elderly.

  31. Advanced Medical Certification


    Advanced Medical Certification provides online courses on a number of programs, including advanced cardiovascular life support, basic life support, neonatal resuscitation program, and more.

  32. Healthcare Talk


    Healthcare Talk is a Google Plus community that shares resources and ideas with each other, strongly emphasizing social media, technology, and various communication topics.

  33. Healthcare IT


    Healthcare IT looks at the impact of information technology on the healthcare industry. Posts in this community discuss different technologies in their place in hospitals.

  34. Nurse Chat


    When you’re looking for a forum to engage with others on nursing issues, the Google Plus community Nurse Chat should be the first stop. They have regular posts that allow for nurses to work through any problems they may be having.

  35. Nurse Entrepreneurs


    Nurse Entrepreneurs looks at the intersection of nursing and starting a business. It’s a great resource for discussing different entrepreneurial aspects and how being a nurse can benefit one.

  36. Nurse+


    Nurse+ brings together nurses from across the world to have a safe forum to discuss issues and provide guidance to one another. The posts are effective at conveying useful points and advice to not only better one’s own life as a nurse, but others as well.

  37. Nursing


    The Google Plus community Nursing is full of posts from nurses looking to work out any questions or queries they may have. It’s also full of supportive people looking to assist struggling nurses.

  38. Innovative Nurse


    Innovative Nurse is a source of advice for nurses trying to stay on the forefront of medical practice and implement the most effective methods. The posts are incredibly worthwhile and educational for nurses of any level.

  39. Male Nurses


    Male Nurses is a Google Plus community for men who work in the profession to talk about their favorite aspects of a female-dominated profession and the unique obstacles they face as well.

  40. Nursing Jobs


    Nursing Jobs helps nurses all over the country locate the job of their dreams at hospitals and other facilities. They feature employers periodically to give a little insight into awesome companies worth working for.

  41. Registered Nurses


    Registered Nurses is a go-to Google Plus page for RNs across the country. It brings together registered nurses to discuss different opportunities and what it’s like to actually be an RN.

  42. RN Nursing Group


    RN Nursing Group is a Google Plus community that helps propagate opportunities and careers for RNs across the country. It also functions as an effective forum for discussion.

  43. RN Case Managers


    RN Case Managers is a community page on Google Plus for nursing professionals and RNs who engage in Case Management or may be interested in the possibility of that career path.

  44. RN’s for Informatics


    RN’s for Informatics focuses on how integral data management and nursing can be when working to improve health. Through processing large amounts of data, we can better identify trends and useful correlations between different people and conditions to treat them.

  45. EMCrit – Emergency Medicine Critical Care


    EMCrit is a Google Plus community composed of individuals from across the field who are intent on coming together to discuss pertinent issues relevant to emergency critical care and medical procedures surround it.

  46. Kelly Jacob


    Kelly Jacob is the Talent Community Manager for UnitedHealth Group uses her Google Plus account to post awesome tips for nurses to live happier, more productive lives and better assist patients.

  47. Mark Jaimison


    Mark Jamison works for the ACLS Certification Institute and also and helps administer online advanced cardiac life support certification training. The posts are great for any nurse to have a laugh at some of the humorous posts and see what some day-to-day tasks looks like in his job.

  48. Rebekah Lee


    Licensed Practical Nurse Rebekah Lee posts on her Google Plus account interesting information pertaining to the career as a nurse. Each article posted is incredibly relevant to nursing life.

  49. HxNex


    HxNex is a social media network designed for healthcare professionals. It’s great for students still in school to connect with other healthcare professionals and find good opportunities to pursue upon graduation.

  50. Lighthouse Readiness Group


    Lighthouse Readiness Group focuses on client preparedness for emergency situations, namely disasters with a focus on events that are incredibly plausible.

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Hospitals, Clinics & Organizations

Medical facilities can use Google Plus to communicate with clients, patients, and the communities they serve.

  1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has long stood as one of the best treatment centers for cancer in children, among other serious diseases. The remarkable thing about their Google Plus page is the depth each post has.

  2. Minnesota Nurses


    Minnesota Nurses is an organization that helps represent nurses in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They provide a great face for all of these nurses to unite behind to drive different issues to improve the workplace and healthcare overall.

  3. North Carolina Nurses Association


    North Carolina Nurses Association is the official voice of Nurses in the state of North Carolina and helps administer the best support and aid efforts in terms of job safety and professionalism.

  4. University of Colorado Hospital


    University of Colorado Hospital uses their Google Plus account to reach a wider audience and for nurses, it’s a great model for how to run a hospital’s social network page. It’s loaded with useful information for both patients and nurses.

  5. Infusion Nurses Society


    Infusion Nurses Society is a nonprofit organization that invites all healthcare professionals to become involved, particularly those who are interested in perhaps specializing in infusion therapy.

  6. Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Golden Gate Chapter


    The Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Golden Gate Chapter supports the San Francisco Bay Area greatly and helps nurses looking to get involved with AIDS care to have all the tools they need. Additionally, they provide great educational guides for HIV education.

  7. Marian University for St.Vincent Health


    Marian University for St. Vincent Health is an accelerated program designed for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree in another field. It’s great for students who wish to quickly get acclimated in the nursing community and start helping others.

  8. UNC Health Care


    UNC Health Care is a non-profit integrated health care system based at the University of North Carolina that helps reinforce the UNC School of Medicine as the #2 medical school in the United States as established by U.S. News & World Report.

  9. National Nurses United


    National Nurses United is the largest union for registered nurses in the United States and helps advocate on their behalf in terms of legislation. They also help establish standards to keep the nurses in their union at the forefront of the medical field.

  10. IU Health Arnett


    IU Health Arnett is an awesome Google Plus page for patients and nurses alike with their awesome health tips and minors tweaks to lifestyles that can prove significant.

  11. UC San Diego Health System


    Often regarded as one of the best health care systems in the United States, UC San Diego Health System is a great source for some of the most contemporary practices. They’ve won numerous awards and are very active on social media sites, evident on their Google Plus Page.

  12. Jefferson University Hospital


    Jefferson University Hospitals is centered in Philadelphia and is rated among the top medical centers in America and has helped reaffirm medical standards nationally. They are one of the only hospitals in the country with a Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center.

  13. Emergency Nurses Association


    Emergency Nurses Association helps all nurses who work in critical care to have the support and resources available to be the most capable at doing their job and supporting their communities.

  14. University of Colorado Health – Northern Colorado


    University of Colorado Health – Northern Colorado focuses on the upmost in healthcare and providing valuable resources for nurses and physicians alike. Their Google Plus page also functions as a great way to bring together a community of nurses and discuss various issues.

  15. American Psychiatric Nurses Association


    The American Psychiatric Nurses Association supports psychiatric mental health nurses across the country and is comprised of over 7,500 members. Not only does the organization help nurses, but they also advocate for various mental health awareness causes.

  16. American Institute of Health Care Professionals


    The American Institute of Health Care Professionals specializes in certification and continuing education programs for nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals.

  17. Saint Peter’s University Hospital


    Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ has been around since 1907 and has long been known for their impressive medical capabilities. Their Google Plus page highlights the great ways to support nurses locally and enrich their communities.

  18. ENT Clinic Macquarie University Hospital


    ENT Clinic Macquarie University Hospital is a clinic in Sydney, Australia that focuses on ear, nose, and throat disorders. They’ve long been renowned for their impressive contributions to the field and their incredible staff.

  19. New Orleans Black Nurses Association


    The New Orleans Black Nurses Association advocates on behalf of African American nurses in the New Orleans area. The organization is incredibly useful to those they serve and is very active in the New Orleans area.

  20. Nursing Ethics Network Organization


    Nursing Ethics Network Organization emphasizes the moral responsibility of nurses to administer the best aid in the most effective way possible.

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Nurse Education

As the need for professional nurses grows, so does the need for professional nurse educators. These Google Plus accounts post content covering all angles of the new world of nursing education.

  1. Chamberlain College of Nursing


    Chamberlain College of Nursing was established 123 years ago with the noble goal of fostering a community of some of the most proficient nurses in the country. They’ve largely succeed in the past century and their program is definitely one worth checking out.


    WoundEducatorscom has a large array of course offerings on the internet to help nurses get wound certification at whatever rate they see fit. Additionally, all the courses are tailored to the requirements of individual wound care specialties.

  3. DePaul Nursing


    DePaul Nursing is an incredibly well recognized nursing program and for prospective nursing students, the Google Plus page functions as a way to figure out if their program is right for you, as well as read up on different happenings in the nursing world.

  4. Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing


    Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing has long stood as one of the premier educational facilities for nurses and their Google Plus page is a fantastic resource for students and nurses alike.

  5. Duke School of Nursing


    Ranked as the 7th best nursing school in the country, Duke School of Nursing is renowned for their commitment to excellence in healthcare and recently also entered the top 10 National Institutes of Health-funded research.

  6. Duquesne University School of Nursing


    Duquesne University School of Nursing is recognized by the National League for Nursing as a Center of Excellence, in part due to their incredible educational tools available to nursing students.

  7. Kent State College of Nursing


    Kent State College of Nursing was named a National League of Nursing Center of Excellence for 2013, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve made the list. They have made wonderful contributions to the nursing field and their Google Plus page makes a great outreach tool as well.

  8. MUSC College of Nursing


    The Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Nursing was voted one of the best online program by the prestigious U.S. News for their impressive graduate nursing program. The posts on their Google Plus account also highlight some different job openings.

  9. American Academy of Case Management


    The American Academy of Case Management provides certification fellowships and programs in case management. They provide a wide range of continuing education courses that can be taken online.

  10. Northeastern University School of Nursing


    Northeastern University School of Nursing has fantastic facilities for training the nurses of tomorrow for all the cutting edge techniques to best provide for patients. Their Google Plus page also highlights some of the best information for nursing.

  11. Student CPR


    Student CPR provides free CPR training for high school students across the country, helping increase the prevalence of aptly educated individuals to administer CPR. Additionally, it helps spark the interest of students and make them consider a degree in nursing or emergency services.

  12. Medical Education Systems, Inc.


    Based in San Diego, Medical Education Systems Inc. posts great information on their Google Plus account relating to different developments in the medical field that are incredibly pertinent to nurses.

  13. Nursing Classes Online


    Nursing Classes Online has all the resources for those currently working as nurses and those who are still scouting out it the profession may be right for them. They’re invaluable because of their consistent focus on news, reviews, and even application forms for nursing programs across the country.

  14. NCSBN Learning Extension


    The NCSBN Learning Extension helps nurses prepare for the NCLEX and reinforce important learning principles so that nurse educators can more aptly equip students for success in the long term.

  15. SureFire CPR


    SureFire CPR administers staff training for emergency responders who perform CPR in the field. They have an incredible assortment of classes and really great posts on their Google Plus page for promoting emergency training.

  16. USA College of Nursing


    USA College of Nursing understands how rapidly the field of nursing has been expanding and is one of the top nursing colleges in the country. With a student body of over 3000 students, they have the vision combined with the right size to help students succeed.

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Registered Nurses

Individual nurses, especially RNs, have plenty to share through Google Plus, and joining the RN group or following a few nurses is a great way to stay tapped into the online nursing community.

  1. Keith Carlson


    Keith Carlson is a nurse, professional writer, and nurse blogger who helps other nurses through his skills as a Board-Certified Nurse Coach. His insight is what is so useful to other nurses and he is a crucial part of improving nursing practice.

  2. Nurse Bridgid


    When it comes to getting advice and medical opinions, Nurse Bridgid is a fantastic source due to her attentiveness to stay on the cutting edge of what is taking place in the nursing community. The Google Plus page is a great avenue she uses for reaching out and engaging with others.

  3. Nurseables


    According to the proprietor, “the primary drive of Nurseables is to educate and teach through the art of storytelling.” It is a great resource for nurses looking for something more personally engaging while simultaneously useful and educational.

  4. The Nerdy Nurse


    The Nerdy Nurse is all about nursing and technology. It’s perfect for those interested in how the two intersect and how it makes nursing easier and more efficient.


    ImpactedNursecom is run by Ian Miller, a nurse of the last 26 years in Australia that works in the emergency department. He uses writing on the site and on the Google Plus page to help other nurses and himself perform better on the job and work through issues.

  6. Andrew Lopez


    Andrew Lopez works at Nursefriendly, Inc., a site that focuses on providing great content to nurses on a number of different issues. His Google Plus page consists of posts on how nurses can manage a variety of health issues.

  7. Kevin Ross


    Kevin Ross is an RN who also hosts a radio show, runs a media group, and is the CEO of Spire Health Partners. Indeed, he’s very active and uses his Google Plus page to facilitate advice to practicing nurses and discuss related-issues.

  8. Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN


    Alvin Cloyd Dakis is an RN that helps to support other young RN’s, while aloes making contributions as a youth leader and HIV advocate. For recent grads, it’s a great place to see what another young RN is doing.

  9. Parks Medical Legal Consulting


    Parks Medical Legal Consulting helps nurses with all the legal support they could need. Posts on the Google Plus page underline their commitment to helping current nursing professionals.

  10. Cindy Russell


    Cindy Russell is a Nurse Informatics Specialist at Westat and posts useful news and articles pertaining to the nursing and medical community, namely as they relate to informatics.

  11. Nurse Casey


    A recent college graduate, Nurse Casey gives great perspective from one who has only recently started her nursing career. She details the pitfalls and obstacles she’s seen thus far, as well as insightful and uplifting pieces.

  12. Nurse Kitty


    Nurse Kitty works in an ICU unit and graduated nursing school in 2011. Her blog looks at the obstacles nurses face when first getting on the floor and dealing with getting further acclimated to the job.

  13. Nancy Davis


    Nancy Davis is a nurse who uses her Google Plus page to post different facts that are both useful and informative to fellow nurses. She’s also very active on the Nursing community page as well.

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