Public Health Nursing

In order to work as a public health nurse, specific credentials are often required and can vary by state. Public health nurses are unique in that they work with communities and entire populations in regards to health and illness experience. Typically, public health nurses help vulnerable individuals and families, and assist members of a community to voice their problems. These healthcare professionals are knowledgeable about various strategies for health intervention for an entire population, a family, and an individual.

Public Health Nurse Job Description

As with any role, it’s important to understand the different responsibilities associated with the position. A public health nurse is a unique role in the healthcare field. Here are some skills needed for mental health nursing:

  • Provide input regarding the public health problems in population groups.
  • Participate in assessing and evaluating health care services to ensure the utilization of available services for a specific community.
  • Evaluate health trends and risk factors of a population to best determine intervention strategies.
  • Work with communities to develop health promotion and disease prevention activities.

Becoming a Public Health Nurse

In order to become a public health nurse, specific criteria must be met. Below is an outline for how to enter this field of nursing:

  • The first step is to obtain a bachelor’s degree, followed by becoming a registered nurse.
  • Make sure to take classes that study public policy and other topics related to public health and intervention.
  • While voluntary, you might want to consider passing the Community/Public Health Nursing certification exam.

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